Q-1) What is mode of teaching of your courses?

A-1) All the courses  happens over whatsapp. However occationally we conduct Akashic record and Shiva Panchtatva class in person as well in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Q-2) What are the class timing?

A-2) For whatsapp  class:  Class timings are flexible. Agenda of the class will be given in prior and that will be followed that. Everyday at a fixed time we will send the relevant material (audio, video and written) in the group and you can go through that material anytime as per your convenience and ask questions in group.

For in person class: 9am -5 pm

Q-3) Will it be possible to give attunements over whatsapp?

A-3) Yes, it is very much possible and works same as in person class. You may refer our review sections to see student’s attunement experiences

Q-4) Will we get support after class?

A-4) Yes, we have dedicated groups for each subjects. After class  you will be switched to those groups and there you can interact with your fellow learners and with us anytime for your any questions.

Q-5) Will I able to read the records after learning the Akashic Records?

A-5) We have lots of practice session in class itself and 99% students become proficient Akashic Record Reader before ending the class. Many of them taken akashic record as a profession and helping many people through their akashic reading.

Q-6) How is the Attunement given over whatsapp and if I am not available that time how can I take it?

A-6) All attunements are distance. If you are not available at the time of attunement given then you can take it anytime within 24hours of attunement given?

Q-7) If I am not clairvoyant still I can learn Akashic Record Reader?

A-7) Yes, we do not need visions to read the records. Records can be read using any other senses. Most of my good akashic students are clairaudient than clairvoyance.

Q-8) What is the main benefits of learning the Shiva Panchtatva?

A-8) There are various benefits for same

  • You will have great connect with Lord Shiva and using his energy you can heal different kind of health issues
  • You Can heal through distance
  • You can heal minor to major health issues
  • You can use Virtual Rudraksha to heal any issues very fast
  • And the other endless benefits are there
  • You can help your family, friends and clients with your healing energy