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Divine Akashic Record Healing: A Book of Soul journey

Divine Akashic Record Healing is Advance level of Divine Akashic Record. In Divine Akashic record Reading we lean to understand the root cause of any issues by checking the past lives through records and request the remedies from Master of our records to heal any issues. But in Divine Akashic Record Healing we learn to heal the root cause of any chronic and non-chronic issues from the root. Whenever any person goes through any severe incident say accident, rape, public humiliation, domestic violence etc these incidents can create a block in the energy system of the soul. Which take a form of different types of issues claustrophobia, cancer, fertility issues etc? And these energies keep propagating in consecutive lives unless it is not removed from the root.

In Divine Akashic healing we can read the root cause (through past life) regarding any issues, remove the concerned energetic block sand heal the issues by putting the healing script.

Benefits of Divine Akashic Record healing

  • Get to know the root cause of any issues
  • Remove the negative energies from the past lives
  • Heal the issues from the core
  • Heal the chronic issues
  • Change the destiny
  • Heal the ancestral issues
  • Heal the severe health issues
  • Gain the abundance

Divine Akashic Record Healing is an intense class and students are chosen by Neetu Jha to learn this class. If a student have learnt the Akashic Record Reading with Neetu Jha and practiced more than 50 records then Neetu Jha check their energies and based on that they will be selected for next level.

It is an intense class which contains 12+ attunements and several meditations.

This class is taught in two forms.

1)     Online: Its 25 days online class over WhatsApp and which contains 12 + attunements and meditations and lots of practice sessions to make the students efficient with Akashic Record Healing

2)     In Person: Its 25 days online class over WhatsApp and which contains 12 + attunements and meditations and lots of practice sessions to make the students efficient with Akashic Record Healing

Student’s Reviews:

Hemlata: Akashic Record Healing healed my 35 years of ailment wheezing in few seconds which I am still surprised. As soon as my Akashic healing started immediately divine energies started to heal me I was relaxed and happy. Blockages in my lungs, throats and heart is 75% cleared in few seconds. I thank divine energies and Neetu mam for teaching me such a wonderful such a wonderful modality of healing and I am still surprised that my 35 years of suffering is been cleared within few seconds. I am now happy, healthy. Thank you, mam,!

Reena: Thank you Mam for teaching this wonderful journey of Akashic Records. It has changed my life completely. We are blessed you have you as our guru. We have; earnt so many things in Akashic Record Reading and Akashic Record Healing which are invaluable. Thank you once again.

Ajay: Thank you Neetu who has always been a wonderful teacher to walk me independently through issues along with a class. Neetu is simply awesome and gifted by divine. Gratitude is the least I could send her way. Am humbled with her knowledge and immensely grateful for her mentorship and dedication.

Sunita: Thank you for teaching us Divine Akashic Record Healing. You have given us magical technique to change our life and fulfill our dreams. Gratitude.

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