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Mahalaxmi and Narayan: An Invitation to abundant Life

Mahalaxmi and Narayan course if my first course which I launched in April 2016. As it says the workshop connects the student with Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Narayan’s energy. And teaches how to heal finance and relationship related issues using their energies. In this class we also teach how to do channelling with Goddess Mahalaxmi and take her guidance for different issues.

This class can not be described as It is just DIVINE EXPERIENCE and DIVINE BLESSINGS

It is 15 days class over WhatsApp which contains multiple attunements and lots of meditations and activities. The class if full of fun and learning. There are many miracles happened class and here are student’s review for our class.

Pallavi: The workshop of Laxmi Narayan was just awesome. It was such a wonderful experience that I can’t express it in words. It was a golden opportunity for me to attend this workshop and uf someone is getting this opportunity plzz don’t miss it. Just grab it. Neetu ma’am is a wonderful mentor. Thank you for the Divine workshop ma’am. 

Thank you Thank You Thank You

Tripti: My diary has stored a date of 21 nov. It was yesterday. It is written because I have met Neetu mam and got her akashik class. Life has brought 360 degree turn with this akashik blessing. We are born with karma, curses etc and come to life journey for mukti and liberation. but it is divine who can create solutions for all liberations. And here such pure and blessed souls like nitu mam are being sent to help us and sail across our life journeys with ease and comfort. It is really amazing that my akashik healing script mentioned that Mahalaxmi blessings soon entering in life. And actually it happened with this narayan mahalxmi course for which I really had no idea. I am fond of attunements given by her. The higher energies itself clears the block instantly. We are Blessed to have you mam. 

Shyalaja: Like all of Neetu madam’s courses that I have undergone, the Lakhsmi Narayana healing course has also been  very helpful and energy-filled. I just enjoy the power packed attunements you give and the experiences I gain from them. I have seen a shift in my relationships after the activity with shankha symbol. It is indeed miraculous! I’m immensely grateful to you madam for bringing down and spreading this rare knowledge among us may you reach newer heights and reach wider population

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