Our name and dob tells everything about us.

Each letter is related to a number like A is related to 1. B is related to 2 similarly the whole alphabet is related to one number. And numbers related to planets like 1 is sun 2 is Moon, 3 is Jupiter, 4 is Rahu, 5 is Mercury, 6 is Venus, 7 is Ketu, 8 is Saturn and 9 is Mars. 

Therefore the alphabets are related to planets and our name has a vibration of  different planets. If planetary energy is in proportion in our name then we lead a very successful life, if it is not then life becomes miserable.

In name correction consultation we help you to understand your energy system’s strength and weaknesses and also guide you to improve the vibration of your name and your personality and lead a very happy and successful life.

If you are the one who is looking behind the mystery of your life then book a slot for you.

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