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Miracle with Sai Ram: A Way to Live A Magical Life

Sai ram or Sai Baba who does not know about him. He is epitome of love. And his purity and love heal everything. He is an Indian Spiritual master who is followed by millions across the world.

Every year millions of people visit Shridi to have his darshan and take his blessings to fulfil their wishes. I was also very fortunate to visit Shridi multiple times and get his blessings. I keep hearing his miraculous stories from my friends, my students and lots of people around me and I always used to be in awe to hear that.

That really inspired me to read his book Sai Satcharitra to know more about him. As we know that words have vibrations and if you are sensitive enough you can actually feel the energy of the words and can also connect to the energy of the event. The same happened with me while reading Sai Satcharitra I often used to tap in those times, in those pure energies of 1800 when Sai baba used to heal people miraculously and I used to get completely lost in those moments and in those frequencies.

Sai Baba

However, I never thought that I will ever teach healing with Sai Baba’s unless I started getting messages in my meditations to spread his lights. These messages used to be very strong and sometimes I used to get his dream as well in which he used to show me some path.

That really encouraged me to launch a course and with extreme guidance of universe and Sai Baba in October 2020 with his blessings I launched a course “Miracles with Sai Ram”. The name “Miracles with Sai Ram” I kept as he is miraculous healer. And through this class I was guided to spread his miracles in people’s life. Lots of students joined the class and I was in surprised to see that without much promotion how students are coming, joining the class from nowhere. This was a miracle itself for me. The magical response of the class is still giving me goose bumps. Many miracles created during workshops few are as follows

  1. Heal the Health: Many students healed their health and their loved one’s health miraculously with Sai Baba’s energy
  2. Change the Water Taste: Students could change the taste of the water by healing the water with Baba’s energy. Also, by drinking those water they also could heal the different health issues
  3. Heal relationship: As relationship is the major concern for all of us but with Baba’s blessings students could heal relationship issues as well
  4. Free from the incidents and emotions: We all have gone through lots of rough patches in life and that creates bitterness in life. Especially when we think of those incidents it creates lots of pain misery and bitterness and therefore in this workshop students learned to come out of those emotions and delete bitterness, misery and pain from an incident and live-in peace
  5. Lightening Diya in water: We have heard a lot about this miracle of Sai Baba and in class also with his blessings few students could light diya in water for few second and some could light diya for 2-3 minutes as well.
This is 10 days class over whats app which is filled with lots of attunements, meditations, activities and assignments.

Here are few reviews from students:

Gayathree: She is professional tarot teacher and consultant she says that Miracles with Sai Ram workshop has been miraculous and has made me realize what miracles are. How the divine support us when we support ourselves and connect with them

Dr. Lipsa: She works in an MNC and says that I discovered my true self with this workshop and enjoyed the Baba’s miracles

Babita: She is an entrepreneur and says that she love connecting with Sai baba, healing happens instantly, she can heal any pain, can change the taste of water and can do facial with sai baba’s energy

Preeti: She is an adherent follower of Sai abba and she says that “Miracle with Sai Ram” class is a life time experience better lift altering moments have happened with her, the entire direction of life has changed with this course

If you want to connect with magical energy of Sai baba then here is a meditation for you. Read this prayer three times and meditate for 15 minutes. I am sure you will get completely lost in Sai Baba’s energy and enjoy his purity and love within you.

Dear Sai Baba please keep my soul in between your palms and shower me with your Udi so that I can feel the strong vibration of your energy and my soul get heal with your blessings and I only say Om Sai Ram; Om Sai Ram and Om Sai Ram

This or Better

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Love and Light!


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