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Dustanaashak & Dustanaashak DNA & Talk with Dustanaashak

Dashera is Hindu festival in which Goddess Durga killed buffalo demon Mahishasura to help to restore dharma. There are various reasons to celebrate the Dashera in India but the overall objective of this festival is to celebrate the victory of good over Demon. The energies of all divine beings are very strong during this time and it is said that it is an auspicious time to start anything.

Being a technologist and healer, I am always busy in my work and hardly get time to do the traditional meditation. So I have programmed my mind in such a way that it is always in a meditative state and when we are in the meditative state we download the energies. That is what happened on 1st day of Dashera of 2017 when I was working very deeply on a problem and I saw that Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman, Goddess Durga, Goddess Kali and Archangel Michael gathered together and mixed their energies and created a new energy body or an angel and gave name to it Dustanaashak.

Dustanaashak is a powerful angel which can remove blocks from anything.

Dustanaashak name itself is so powerful that simply calling Dustanaashak by its name heals most of the things. Ideally, Dustanaashak does not require any attunement. Anyone can call Dustanaashak for help. However, after attunement Dustanaashak works much more magically.


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Dustanashak helped on various occasions:

To Heal the Health: Some people called Dustanaashak to heal their health during an emergency. One person reported that his aunt was in ICU and there was less chance of her survival. But he requested Dustannaask to heal his aunt and to everyone surprise, his aunt got out of ICU in a few days

To Heal the Acne: One beautiful girl used to call Dustanaashak to heal her pimples. And Dustanaashak healed her all pimples in 15 days.

To Heal the Inanimate Objects: Many people healed their AC, Locks, Microwaves, Fan and switchboard just by requesting the Dustanaashak for healing.

To Heal the Finance: There was a lady who was badly struggling with severe finance issues. She requested Dustanaashak for help. By evening her husband got some stuck money.

To Heal the Drainage System: Few people called Dustananshak to open their blocked drainage system and magically it opened the drainage system.

To Protect the Aura: Simply by requesting Dustanaashak to protect our aura creates a protective shield around us.

To Fight with Evil Energy: Many people got rid of negative energies during attunement of Dustanaashak.

Finding the lost objects: Many people call Dustanaashak to find the lost object.

This is one of the most famous course of Neetu Jha and 300 people have learnt this modality from Neetu Jha across the globe. And 1000s of people are taking help of Dustanaashak to heal their various issues daily. It is 15 days class over whatsapp filled with lots of magic and miracles.

Dustanaashak workshop has three parts. Combindely it is called

Duatanaashak & Dustanaashak & Talk wish Duatanaashak

1) Dustanaashak:  She teaches how to heal health, finances, inanimated objects, how to menifest a wish etc through Duatanaashak

2) Duatanaashak DNA: She teaches how to heal the DNA of a person and heal chronic issues of a person. her students have healed baldness, increased height of adult using this Dustanaashak DNA.

3) Talk with Dustanaashak: She teaches how to connect with Dustanaashak energy and take guidance from him related to any issues.

Students Reviews:

Ashwini Kadam: Ashiwini is a corporate worker and is a big fan of Dustanaashak. – “The day Dustanaashak entered into my life my life become very simple. I can say that problems don’t come to me as they are afraid of Dustanaashak. I am going through sade period but I have trust in Dustanaashak that I am safe due to him.”

Bhavana Rathod: Bhavana is crazy about Dustanaashak. Her experiences with Dustanaashak are amazing. – “The day I got to know about Dustanaashak I was like will it really work? Then by keeping faith in him, I started playing withDustanaashak. Asking him to send my maid early, I asked him to repair my bike. I asked him for parking place also I ask his help with my cooking. He always answers all my questions within a minute. OMG, I got crazy for him. He always helps me to find my lost objects. I am in love with him. He is the only person who listens to me and never complain :D”

Madhuri: Madhuri is a retired Teacher. She uses Duastnaashak in her day to day activities. – “I protect myself daily with Dustanaashak energy. Its amazing energy so versatile. Whenever I have any pain of any kind just put it in Dustanaashak kund. Feel better instantly. Two days ago I was tensed about something. I drew Dustanaashak star symbol on my head. Dustanaashak Symbol at my third eye and felt that Star rotating like Sudarshan chakra. I was so surprised it rotated for a few secs and made me relaxed. Thank you, Neetu for the amazing healing modality.”

Srinivasa: He lives in Hyderabad and he is a Scientist. He says that “Respected Mam, I get protection from Dustanaashak very fast. Instantly from negative energies, psychic attacks. I get instant relief from fever, body pains, toothaches. Relationship issues are also solved with Dustanaashak. I always imagine that Dustanaashak star symbol passes through my body from top to toe. Whenever I feel fear or to approach negative people I always say following affirmations. I am surrounded and protected by Dustanaashak. I get protection instantly. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Dustanaashak and my guruji Neetu Madam.”

Aishwarya: “Dustanaashak is an overall protection for me from seen and unseen as well as known and unknown fears. When in doubt I call Dustanaashak. I am guided to do what is right for me.”

Healing with Dustanaashak!

If anyone wants to call the Dustanaashak for help, you can casually call him a friend. However here is the procedure for the same.

“Dear Dustanaashak please help me with (issue name) Thank You!”

“The Birth Of Dustanaashak Created a Tremendous Impact 1000s Of People Around Me. It’s Not Only an Angel But True Friend of Many Who Always Helps in Need”

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