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Divine Akashic Record: A Book of Soul Journey

Akashic records are an energetic book which contains the energetic information about our past, present and future. This is the book of our soul history and keep on recording our each and every actions Like it is recording in my records now that I am writing this post. It is recording now that you are reading this post. Therefore, this is also called book of karma. 

As everything in this world has energetic history and whatever is happening in our current life is result of energetic connect of current life to the past lives. If any unfavorable events happen in past that blocks the energetic flow in present life.

Therefore, Akashic record is a reference book to understand the reason of any issue. Like what is the root cause of finance, marriage, relationship, fertility, career, and any health issues etc.

For e.g if someone has finance issues then record can show you in past life what exactly has happened which is blocking his/her finance. Like person might not have respected money or job. Person might have cheated people etc.

Records not only tell us about the reason of any problem but also suggest the remedies of any issue. By using the remedy on regular basis can resolve the issue.

Our records also contain information about our gifts; our life purpose, lessons and many more things.

All energetic beings have their soul history therefore records are unique for all. Like for each person, pets, land, building and house etc.

Therefore record not only help living beings to lead a better life but also help us to understand the energy of house. And Vaastu reading can also be done through records and it will help to improve the frequency of our house.

Divine Akashic Record: A Book of soul Journey has two levels.

1) Divine Akashic Record Reading: This class teaches how to read the Akashic Record in most efficient way.

2) Divine Akashc record Healing: This class teaches how to edit the records from the core and healing the issue.

Case studies: 

Case-1: Seema had connected with me for her house sale. She was living in her old ancestral house and she wanted to shift her house but she was unable to shift the house after all efforts. When I opened her records, I saw that the house has many souls and they are Seema’s ancestors and they do not want Seema to leave the house. Her Akashic Records angels shared a mediation by practicing that meditation Seema could shift within 15 days.

Case-2: One of my students connected to my home and she exactly saw big shiva mural in my home. She said your house is filled with shiva energy. Which is very true. Through Akashic records of house many students could exactly tell about many details and energetic information of house. Some could also see the color of wardrobe.

Case-3: Sunita approached for her marriage issue. She was not able to get married. When I connected to her record, I saw that in her past life she ran away from her marriage and her father had hanged himself after that. She is having the energy of guilt and curse energy from past which is stopping her marriage. She confirmed that in this life similar incidents has happened. She has seen the same life by herself during PLR session.

Case-4: Prachi wanted to understand why her husband has skin issues. His record said that he has high heat in his body that is creating the issues. As a remedy eating tulsi leaves in any form is suggested. His husband initially denied the fact but doctor also told the same reason of his skin issue. And Naturopathic physician suggested to have tulsi to heal the issue.

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