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Divine Akashic Record: A Book of Soul Journey

Divine Akashic Record Reading is a course created by Neetu Jha. It is one of her most popular course of Neetu Jha in which she teaches her students how to read the Akashic Records in most efficient and yet easiest way. Her students are from different fields like International chess player, VP of MNCs, business tycoons, Corporate leaders, Scientists, famous writers have learnt this course from her and  helping them and people around them to with divine guidance. She has taught Akashic Records close to 200 people across the globe till date.

 This course contains Multiple Attunements and Mediation and contains lots of practice sessions which make her students efficient in reading the Akashic Records in most easiest way.  

Divine Akashic Record Reading is taught in two modes.

1) Online: It is 21 days class over whatsapp: It contains 7 attunements and meditations and lots of practice sessions.

2) In-Person: It is 2 days class conducted in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkatta and Delhi. It also contains 7 attunements and lots of practice session and students become efficient Akashic Record Reader within 2 days.

Student’s Review:

Preeti: Preeti started her spiritual journey with us and she says that;

 A life altering experience of 21 days reaches its destination making me enriched and powerful. The entire credit goes to Neetu. this has been most amazing experience I have ever had. Initially being a newbie to spirital worldI had my serious doubts and seeing the group with so much knowledge I was frankly intimidated to the core that I could not sleep for initial 2 days. But you eased me out and slowly I gathered my confidence and stepped my foot ahead in this spiritual journey. thank you so mcuhfor always being there, your generosity is exemplary. You are very good mentor, thak you from the core of my heart. May God bless you.

Belur Anand: Belur is the VP of a MNC he says that;

 The way you organize the course is with precise planning. Your communication is crisp and clear absolutely to the point. You reply to each one of us that care is wonderful. You remind us which is needed as most of us are in rat raceof the world which is helpful and welcome. And over all the awesome experience of my which has given me a tool to understand about my each and every aspect of life. I highly recommend this course.

 Hema: Hema is a Spiritual teacher she says that;

 The Akashic course is well organised and doubts were cleared immediately and content was very clear. I did not feel that it is online class as there was regular interaction.  The attunements were unbelievable it actually transformed me so much in my spiritual path. The assignments really helped us to learn and practice and access the records. This 21 days of Akashic Records class actually blessed me with lots of spiritual gifts. The way you teach  is really good you always answered all our questions and always encouraged us to learn more and more. My sincere gratitude to be my guru in my spiritual path. 

 Kiran: She is an International chess player she says that

I found your class very systematic and full of knowledge. The way you teaches is awesome. You are humble and great mentor who never left their students with doubts, guided us time to time and build our confidence. I am a confident akashic record reader now and ready to read the records confidently.




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