Divine Akashic Record Reading® Workshop

Akashic record is a sacred book of a soul which contains all information about the soul. The record capture each and every event of all life time. Infact it must be capturing that I am writing this post and your record is capturing that you are reading this post.

We as a soul lead a life as per the trajectory of our Karma and our present life situation is just a result of past life events. Therefore the reason of all questions financial issues, relationship issues, career issues, fertility issues all can be read in our record. These record also provide solution to deal with all life situation. For e.g how to solve relationship issues, money issue, health etc issues.

Divine Akashic Record program teaches students an easy and effective way to read the record of self and others.

After successfully doing the program one can become: - 


1. An excellent Akashic Reader
2. Become a guide for many in their life path situation
3. Read the record of self
4. Read the record for family and friends
5. Read the record of house and improve the vibration of house and attract more abundance
6. Become a professional Akashic Consultant

Healer Neetu Jha

Neetu Jha is an Usui Reiki Master and she has created various courses on energy healing and teaching the same across the world.

Neetu Jha

Neetu Jha is an Usui Reiki Master and she has created various courses on energy healing and teaching the same across the world. Some of these modalities are Shiva Panchatatva, Duatanaashak, Miracles with Sai Ram, Inner Light, Unblock your chankras and Planetry healing. She is also a gifted Akashic Record Reader and teaching Akashic Records across the globe. She has read more than 30,000 akashic records till date. She has taught her different healing modalities to 1000s of student worldwide. She has done Master’s in Aerospace Engineering (MTech) from I.I.T Kharagpur, India and working in a simulation software company. She is passionate about exploring the secret of universe and teaching the same to the mankind.

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1st Oct 2024

Lecture – 1

  • What is Akashic Record
  • Different Chapters of Akashic Records
  • Benefits of Akashic Record
  • Permission of reading the Akashic Record
  • Different Symbols of Akashic Record

2nd Oct 2024

  • Aura Cleaning Meditation

3rd Oct 2024

  • Attunment of First Akashic Record symbol
  • Activity – 1

4th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 2nd Akashic Record Symbol
  • Activity – 2

5th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 3rd Akashic Record Symbol
  • Activity – 3

6th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 4th Akashic Record Symbol
  • Activity – 4

7th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 5th Akashic Record Symbol
  • Activity – 5

8th Oct 2024

Lecture – 2

  • Discussion on reading past life through records

9th Oct – 10th Oct 2024

  • Assignment – 1: Reading past lives for your team

11th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 6th akashic record symbol
  • Activity – 6

12th Oct 2024

  • Attunment of 7th akashic record symbol
  • Activity – 7

13th Oct 2024

Lecture – 3

  • Discussion of future reading with Akashic Record

14th Oct – 15th Oct 2024

  • Assignment – 2: Practice of Future Reading for your team

16th Oct 2024

Lecture – 4

  • Discussion of Soul Chart creation
  • Discussion of creating God Goddess Chart
  • Discussion on Akashic record reading for House

17th Oct 2024

  • Assignment – 3: Practice of soul chart for your team

18th Oct 2024

  • Assignment – 4: Practice of Creating God Goddess Chart for your Team

19th Oct – 20th Oct 2024

  • Assignment – 5: Practice of Akashic Record reading of House of your team

21st Oct 2024

Lecture – 5

  • Question and answer session
  • Closing Meditation

1st Oct to 21st Oct 2024

09:00 PM IST

WhatsApp / Zoom Sessions

+91 91670 61111

Seven Attunements & Three Meditation
“Lots of practice session that will make you a confident Akashic Reader”
"Intense practice session that will help you to evolve as an confident Akashic Reader. One month of support provided post workshop"


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