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Unblock Your Chakra : A Journey towards Self Discovery

We are just bundle of energy or we have an electromagnetic field around us which decide our overall wellbeing. Our energy systems can be explained by seven energy centre in our body that is called Chakra. There are lots of chakras are in our bodies but seven chakras are very important for us and it connects to seven different areas of life.

Root Chakra: The Chakra represents foundation of our life. If this chakra is not balanced we may have instability issues and various kind of health issues like ankle problems, backaches, blood diseases, bones, cold feet, constipation, depression etc.

Sacral Chakra: This Chakra is related with creativity and sexuality and if chakra is not properly balanced then one can have Addiction to junk food, Alcohol, Backache, Bedwetting, Bladder, Creative Blocks, Cystitis issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra: This Chakra is related to self-stem and if chakra is not properly balanced then one can have eating disorder, fear, food allergies, gastritis, gall bladder problems, gall stones, heartburn issues.

Heart Chakra: This chakra is related to love and if this chakra is not properly balanced then one can have issues with allergies, asthma, blood circulation, breast cancer, bronchitis, chest congestion, circulation problems, cough, fatigue issues.

Throat Chakra: This chakra is related with communication. If this chakra is not properly balanced then one can become Shy, weak voice, fear of speaking, unable to listen, lying, arrogance, thyroid issues.

Third Eye Chakra: This chakra is related with Intuition. If this chakra is not balanced then one can have Lack of intuition and imagination, manipulative, panic, fear, nightmares, migraine issues.

Crown Chakra: This chakra is related with connection with Universe. If this chakra is not properly balanced then one can have  mental disorder, fear, memory and learning issues, Paralysis, lower syndromes, Tiredness issues.

Therefore its very important to balance these chakra so that we can have happy and balanced life. Through Unblock your chakra class I teach that how to Unblock your chakras by connecting with universal force energies.

It is most fundamental class which Neetu teaches and if any one to willing to start their spiritual journey then this course is most appropriate for them.

Unblock your chakras is 10 days class over whatsapp and filled with lots of fun and activities.

Student’s Review

Sreedhar: Neetuji, thanks for the attunement. I wanted to share one experience. Due to the time difference after your attunement, my day was very positive. Many things @ work seem just to flow so smoothly, even @ home. Managing two teenagers at home during the shutdown is an art.  I genuinely believe this smoothness is attributed to your healing with us. This is my 3rd class with you. Every class is a new learning experience. One final share – the temperature is dropping in the western hemispheres, and I don’t do good with temperatures changes. This time it was a miracle. I’m doing good .Thanks to Nettuji

 Shweta:  Thank Neetu for this wonderful and divine experience. I was having anxiety issues especially in the morning…now I am calm, composed and more confident. It took me one step ahead toward my goal. During most of the attunement I saw a path. Thanks for giving me confidence for a new beginning. I still have to take all Chakra attunement…I hope that will also be an another amazing experience. Thanks once again.

 Pallavi: Hello, I am extremely thankful to Neetu ji for the wonderful learning of all the chakra’s. This is my second course with her and looking forward to more. One thing I have noticed that her way of teaching is very nice & elaborate, simple and up to the mark. Every time each experience was unique. Thank you so much for helping me in my spiritual journey.

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