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Planetary Healing: Heal your Horoscope

We and planets are nothing but collection of elements and atoms. And we are connected with each other by universal force energy. There are 12 planets (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) and each are unique and they have certain properties. And each Planet has both benefic and malefic energies.

As we are connected through universal force energy therefore, they continuously throw electromagnetic waves/ energy to us and that shapes our energy and controls our mind/ thoughts and ultimately decides our karma and actions. However how they will affect our different areas of life depends upon their placement in our horoscope, their positive and negative energy in our life. Ideally planets should only share their energy in balanced way if that does not happen then our life becomes complicated and clueless. serious; believe in karma; hard working.

Horoscope yes our energetic home which decides our whole life. We individual have unique horoscope that is the reason we have unique personality and unique life. Our life is based on placement of different planets in different houses. We are Unique! It should be our Horoscope is unique!

In horoscope there are 12 houses each house controls different areas of the life. The first house decides our personality. Our outlook for life.

If in anyone’s first house sun is placed then that person would be very straight forward, Independent, with leadership quality, career oriented. If in first house Jupiter is placed then he/she would be very happy go lucky person, always think about growth and full of knowledge. If in first house Saturn is placed he/she would be serious; believe in karma; hard working.

Similarly, if in second house which the house of money sun is placed that person would be very generous, authentic and making money in right way. If Jupiter is placed, he/she would be very lucky and growing financially. If Saturn is placed, then the person would be anxious about money always

Above are just example of two houses and placement of few planets. We have 12 houses connected to 12 different parts of life. And placement of different planet in different house makes our life completely different and unique.

Through planetary class I teach about each houses and impact of different planet in each house. And also teach how can we remove negativity of any planet from house and heal the house from all kind of lower energy and negativities so that we only get the positive vibes from any planet and lead a balanced and abundant life.

Student’s Review:

Iti Kesarwani: When I joined this class I was excited because I knew something new will be gifted to us in this class. The concept & the course content of this class is superb & the best part is that it teaches us the conversion of negative energies into positive one. Whatever we got we can still change things for our best this is what we have been taught by you. I m extremely thankful to you Neetu Ji from the bottom of my heart that everytime I learnt from you, you have given me lots of hopes n Divine blessings of  Divine God through this planetary healing course. Much much Gratitude to you. I wish you all the good luck to bring more light to the world n people.

Renu Bhel: When you announced this course, I was very attracted to join and learn. There were some obstacles coming my way but with your support I could join and learn such a beautiful modality of healing. Whatever we are born with in our horoscope, you have taught us to change that and lead a more fulfilled life. Thank you so much Neetu for changing our lives. You are the Angel sent to help us come out of our problems.

Versha: When u announced for this course I was very much excited to learn it,  from my childhood I had interest to read books on  palmistry n numerology. But never knew one day I will be able to learn about Planetary n that too in healing them. Generally Astrologers give remedies. But u have given such an amazing n wonderful tool of healing the planets.. it’s wow…..n kudos 👏 for u…I am extremely thankful to u Neetu ji from the core of my heart ❤ that u bring so amazing n wonderful healing tools for us…..God bless u abundantly n wish u bring more healing tools for us…

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