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Shiva Panchtatva – A Magical Way to Heal the Health

It was summer 2017 when I was doing some of my healing work in akasha and precipitously I could feel the existence of someone, a strong energy and at the same time my hand moved over the pages of Akashic records and made a divine symbol. I looked up and saw that Lord Shiva is giving a big smile and he is nodding yes. A message popped up into my mind “Shiva Panchtatva”. And the journey of Shiva Panchtatva started.

Shiva Panchtatva, healing of people became very easy for me. I was enjoying the healing people with Shiva’s energy.

Panchtatva means the five ultimate elements of life – earth, water, fire, air and sky. 

  • Earth as Body: If there is an absence of earth element then the entire body becomes unconscious because all the biological strength of the body becomes futile without this element.
  • Water as Mind: Water element is the center of lymph glands of reproductive organs of both men and women. This element yields the cells of the consciousness of sexual gland, semen and menstrual fluid, bones and makes the body strong.
This Shiva image is charged with Shiva Panchtatva energy.
Heal your health by touching it
  • Fire as Intelligence: This element is present in the stomach, spleen, and liver in our body. It engenders fire juice, digestive juice, and vile juice. Fire element keeps the internal temperature of the body standard and keeps all the organs dynamic.
  • Air as Awareness:This element is present in the chest, lungs, heart, and pharynx in the body. Air is a main shield of the body and harvests cooperative power. Air affects the heart entirely. Air mingles all the internal parts of the body. Activities of breathing, stool, and urine run by air and the heart work correctly.
  • Sky as Consciousness:Sky element cherish the body accurately and fetches the poison out from the body and makes the body disease free. It conquers glands thyroid, parathyroid and tonsil and others and encourages the heart. This element produces feelings in the heart.

By balancing the five elements by any mean eventually balances the chakras in our bodies.

There are two levels of this workshop:

Shiva Panchtatva Basic Level: In this course we learn how to connect with Lord Shiva’s energy and heal different kinds of issues. Its 15 days class over whatsapp in which we have 6 attunements and two meditation. Its an intense class with so many attunements and meditations therefore it not only teaches the healing techniques but also help us to progress at our spiritual path. 

Shiva Panchtava Master class: In this course we learn how to see the past lives related to various health issues and heal the same. This is 21 days of course which contains 8 attunements and lots of practice session. In this class we also teach healing through rudraksha which is very profound and quick. Please see Shiva Panchtatva Review section to understand about student’s experiences.

Want to Experience the Shiva Panchtatva Energy?

 Anyone who would like to experience the Shiva Panchtatva energy please meditate on subsequent prayer for 5 min after declaiming this prayer for three times.

“Dear Lord Shiva I would like to experience the Shiva Panchtatva energy and its magical healing power. Please send me Shiva Panchatatva energy so that I can feel this energy and experience its magical healing power this or Better
Thank You Thank You Thank You”

 You may feel shiver in your body or see the Shiva standing in front of you or sense the extreme flow of energy within your body as per deific will!

Student’s Reviews

Deepika: This modality is so beautiful and powerful that it stays with you even if you practice reiki or any energy healing work. It gives you beautiful and instant results. The modality stays with you and makes you want to use it for yourself and others. The connect with the symbols and Lord Shiva feels stronger than ever before. Thank you for introducing this to me and enriching my life

 Mrs. Kamala: Thanks for introducing me to a new healing modality. It as shown me the limitless ways of using energy. I feel extremely lucky to have been given an opportunity to connect with Lord Shiva through such an enlightened master. Whenever I use the shiva distance symbol and connect to the Lord by drawing the symbols on my palms I feel blessed. Doing the Chakra healing on the special Chakra layout chart is a feel good factor. It seems amusing but at times when cooking anything as the water rises up jn the vessel and almost overflows I mentally draw the Shiv Panchatatva symbol and surprisingly it starts going down. Using these symbols in our every day life vastly increases our healing capacity. Tirelessly Neetuji clarifies our doubts and this is another plus for this course. Overall a fantastic experience 

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