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Shiva Panchtatva – A Magical Way to Heal the Health

Shiva Panchtatav Basic course was invented in 2017 and since then more than 300 students across the globe is attuned with this modality.

In Shiva Panchtatava Basic Course we align our energy with Lord Shiva and using his energy heal the different types of health related issues.

This workshop contains 6 attunements and few guided meditations to intensify our connect with Lord Shiva. Its an very interactive class where we meditate a lot to establish our connect with Lord Shiva and after every attunement lots of discussion happens about meditation experiences.  That really empower the students with spiritual way to heal any issues.

This is an Experimental workshops where we not focus on method to learn how to heal any issues but also do lots of practical session to experience the Shiva healing in depth.

This workshop happens during Maha Shivratri and during shravan when Lord Shiva energy is extremely high.

Venue of workshop: Whatsapp/ In person (sometime)

Duration: 15 days over whatsapp/ 1 day in person

Shiva Shiva Shiva!

Student’s Reviews

Roshni: Shiva Panchattava is like a magic. If you are aligned to the energy it creates magic within minutes. I have healed people in seconds and I used to get schocked myself. I am immensely thankful to Lord Shiva to choose me as a channel and Neetu fir brinb such and amazing teacher.

Gurjit Kaur: I am so glad that I too am lucky to get attuned to Shiva Panchatatva. A very simple but very powerful and effective modality. I use it often for self, and others. The results are quick & amazing. Thanks to Neetu Jha wonderful teacher and mentor.

Aishwarya: Shiva panchtatva healing is very effective and fast. I was not a healer but after attunement, I could sense the energy immediately on palms. It gives deep sleep too.

This Shiva image is charged with Shiva Panchtatva energy.
Heal your health by touching it

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