Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record is a book of life which contains our soul Journey.

As it is said that answers of all questions lie within us

Akashic Record is that US which can be read in meditative state and can be find out the reason and solution of our pain, misery and hopelessness. The akashic record contains the history of our soul and answer and solution of all our questions.

In akashic session we will read your akashic records and tell you the reason and the past lives where the issue originated and  which is impacting your current life. We will also help you with the solution of same.

If you are the one who is looking for the root cause of any issue then this session may help you that.

In one session you can ask Five questions from three different areas of life. We will read the root cause of those issues and suggest the solution for same. A complementary soul profile of your will also be gifted.

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