Mahalaxmi and Narayan: An Invitation to Abundant Life

Mahalaxmi and Narayan workshop connects the student with Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Narayan’s energy. And teaches how to heal finance and relationship related issues using their energies. In this class we also teach how to do channelling with Goddess Mahalaxmi and take her guidance for different issues.

This class cannot be described as it is just DIVINE EXPERIENCE and DIVINE BLESSINGS. The class if full of fun and learning. There are many miracles happens in the class.

This workshop will enable you: – 

  1. Align your energy Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalaxmi
  2. Teaches how to heal finance issues of self and others
  3. How to heal the relationship issues
  4. How to channelize the message from Goddess Mahalaxmi and take her guidance
  5. How to heal your energy system with Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Narayana energy
  6. How to talk with angel Mudra

Neetu Jha

Neetu Jha is an Usui Reiki Master and she has created various courses on energy healing and teaching the same across the world. Some of these modalities are Shiva Panchatatva, Duatanaashak, Miracles with Sai Ram, Inner Light, Unblock your chankras and Planetry healing. She is also a gifted Akashic Record Reader and teaching Akashic Records across the globe. She has read more than 30,000 akashic records till date. She has taught her different healing modalities to 1000s of student worldwide. She has done Master’s in Aerospace Engineering (MTech) from I.I.T Kharagpur, India and working in a simulation software company. She is passionate about exploring the secret of universe and teaching the same to the mankind.

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  • Welcome meditation
  • Fundamental of Energy System
  • Fundamental of Money and Relationship healing
  • Origination of Mahalaxmi Course
  • Benefits of Mahalaxmi Course
  • Aura Cleaning Meditation
  • Different Symbols of Goddess Mahalaxmi & Lord Narayan Course
  • Attunement for First symbol
  • Activity-1
  • Attunement of second symbol
  • Activity-2
  • Attunment for Third symbol
  • Activity-3
  • Attunement of fourth symbol
  • Activity-4
  • Attunmnet for Fifth Symbol
  • Attunmnet for Sixth symbol
  • Procedure and practice for self healing and Healing others
  • Assignment-1Heal your team mate
  • Attunment of Goddess Mahalaxmi with her mantra
  • Activity-5
  • Some tips and procedure of healing money and relationship issues
  • saubhagya Chart to heal relationship
  • Assignment-2: Create Saubhagya chart
  • Learn to take message with Goddess Mahalaxmi
  • Assignment-3: Channel message for your team mate
  • Who is angel Mudra
  • Attunement of Angel Mudra
  • Activity-6
  • How to heal with angel mudra
  • Activity-7
  • How to channelize message with Mudra
  • Assignment-4: Channel message for your team mate
  • Zoom session
  • Closing meditation

1st November to 15th November 2021

07:00 PM IST

WhatsApp / Zoom Sessions

+91 91670 61111


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